DALLAS, TX, Sept 14, 2022— VertexOne, the leading provider of cloud-based customer experience software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for the utility and energy industry, today announced its partnership with Crypto Power, a newly-formed division of Pumpjack Power, a Texas-based wholesale electricity provider.

Crypto Power will use VertexOne’s forward-thinking VXexchange and VXretail (formerly known as UtiliBillTM) platforms. Both solutions are products from VertexOne’s recently acquired EC Infosystems — a leading provider of billing, customer information systems (CIS) and electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions in North America.

Crypto data centers typically demand high levels of electric output. This usage requires complex billing engines that can accurately track and monitor large volumes of data from digital electric meters, or smart meters. With nearly 30 years of experience in the utility industry, VertexOne’s advanced billing solutions can apply different rates during different times, even at 15-minute intervals.

“VXexchange and VXretail are designed to meet the diverse needs of enterprises like Crypto Power,” said VertexOne Senior Vice President Ananda Goswami. “This powerful duo provides both commercial and industrial businesses with customized billing options, working off smart meter data uploaded by TDSPs [transmission and distribution service providers].”

“VertexOne is undoubtedly emerging as a leader in the Texas retail market,” added VertexOne CEO Andrew Jornod. “We’re committed to being on the forefront of addressing the needs of our customers and the utility industry at large."

Along with VXexchange and VXretail, VertexOne’s EC Infosystems can efficiently manage data-deploying invoices for high-energy usage data centers, which are expanding rapidly across the industry and country. This allows customers to save money while utilizing a customizable and advanced bill rating engine.  

“VertexOne’s forward-thinking products were a major factor in our decision-making process,” said Pumpjack Power’s Executive Vice President Scooter Womack. “EC Infosystems has supported Pumpjack Power over the years, and the commitment VertexOne has shown to our market and our unique business model showed us that they are the perfect partner for this venture.”

About VertexOne

VertexOne is the leading provider of cloud-based SaaS software solutions, powering the next generation of customer experience for utilities, energy retailers, and energy transition providers. With more than 30 years of experience and 350 customers in the cloud, we capitalize on our deep expertise to provide a wide range of innovative solutions for digital transformation, revenue optimization, and data-driven efficiency operations surrounding the customer. From customer information systems (CIS) and mobile workforce management (MWM) to electronic data interchange (EDI) and self-service customer engagement portals, we empower our customers to deliver a compelling customer experience, reduce costs to serve, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.