Energy Supplier Will Roll Out VXexchange and VXretail Solutions to Customers in New York, New Jersey and Other PJM Markets

DALLAS, TX, Dec. 21, 2022 — VertexOne, the leading provider of cloud-based, customer experience, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for the utility and energy industry, recently announced its partnership with Ameripro Energy Corp., an energy supplier that’s entering the New York and PJM markets. Ameripro Energy Corp. has chosen VertexOne’s VXexchange to oversee electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction management and customer information system (CIS) platform VXretail to handle customer service, billing and market exceptions.

Ameripro Energy Corp. will begin rolling out VertexOne’s offering in New York and New Jersey, providing more billing options for customers who service residential, commercial and industrial customers. VertexOne was selected for its lightning-fast time to market, credited to its experienced product deployment team.

VertexOne is a respected market leader and the top choice for energy suppliers that seek a billing platform to serve customers in deregulated markets in the northeast and midwest U.S., along with states like Texas.

“VertexOne is quickly turning into the preferred choice of utility providers in the deregulated market,” said VertexOne CEO Andrew Jornod. “We’re thrilled with this partnership, and continuing to strongly focus on meeting the needs of our customers and boosting overall utility efficiency.”  

VertexOne’s advanced billing software features a user-friendly interface that gives clients the flexibility to build out and manage their complex products in real time. Backed by excellent customer support, VertexOne’s software suite allows utilities, retailers and energy transition companies to better serve their communities.

“VXexchange and VXretail are perfect for energy and utility providers that work in deregulated markets,” added VertexOne Senior Vice President Ananda Goswami. “From flexible billing solutions to accessible smart meter data, these solutions offer residential, commercial and industrial customers a unique and one-of-a-kind functionality that can oversee proprietary product deliverables from the inception to the implementation and billing phases.”  

VertexOne’s experience in EDI testing and certification reduces time to market, and its advanced, scalable and flexible technology ensures better customer service for end users. VXexchange and VXretail allow providers to manage invoices and produce accurate billing for deregulated markets nationally. This can help energy suppliers improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost to serve.

“VertexOne was the only logical choice for us,” said Brittany Hirson, CEO. “They are the billing solutions provider with the values, technology and time to market that we were looking for. They’ve exceeded our expectations, and we’re confident they’ll meet the growing and diverse needs of the communities and customers we serve.”

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About VertexOne

VertexOne is the recognized leader in SaaS platforms for critical business processes of utilities and retail energy companies across North America. VertexOne offers a wide range of innovative services and solutions, including the VertexOne Complete™️ SaaS Solution for Utilities, comprised of the Customer Information System (CIS), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Meter Data Management (MDM), Digital Customer Engagement and Customer Self Service. These solutions help utilities and energy companies deliver a compelling customer experience, reducing the cost to serve customers, increasing operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and driving their operations forward. Through the VertexOne Complete™ SaaS offering, VertexOne takes on the heavy lifting of keeping current with technological changes so that utilities and energy companies don't have to. This gives our customers more time to focus on their core business. For our deregulated energy clients, this also means garnering a greater competitive advantage.