The three main themes the discussion focused on: 


1. With physical access to assets becoming more vulnerable, business continuity is reliant on utilities increasing access to remote digital and cloud based solutions.

2. To achieve true resilience, utilities must diversify their portfolio of resources (both supply sources and staff members that can handle critical tasks).

3. Consistent, proactive communication powered by high quality and reliable data builds a sense of community and trust, which is critical in times of disaster.



Erin Bonney Casey leads Bluefield’s U.S. municipal water practice and has demonstrated experience across a range of sectors, technology applications and pressing industry topics.


Anna Bella Korbatov worked with Swiss Reinsurance Company on a research consultancy evaluating risks to the electrical infrastructure of the Pacific Northwest.


Lindsey Fransen works with utility partners to ensure the success of  their digital customer engagement programs. 

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UtilityWide Talk: Resilience in the Face of Natural Disaster

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