Impacts of the Great Resignation

Many utilities and energy suppliers are ignoring the elephant in the room – the evolving labor market. Further, pay regulation and limited outreach programs are leading qualified professionals into other sectors with higher pay, flexible benefits, and more opportunities for career growth.

So, what do professionals seek in the labor market? How can you ensure you are not using traditional tactics when recruiting that ostracize diverse candidates? Are leaders prepared to shift onboarding and promotional strategies to better fit the next generation of managers?

Regardless of your team's understanding around incoming cohort demographics and needs, many organizations are immobile when it comes to preparing for the next generation of employees and managers.

Meet Our Panelist:

  • Vanessa Edmonds, Executive Director of Utility 2030 Collaborative
  • Kevin Anderson, President of CVG Staffing Solutions
  • Jim Cifaratta, Senior Vice President, Smartest Energy
  • Chris Wilson, Water Treatment Plant Manager at the Joint Water Commission (JWC) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Hillsboro, OR
  • Kristi Wilson Workforce Development Manager at City of Hillsboro, OR

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