This CIS (Customer Information System) self-assessment is designed specifically for you, aiming to help you understand your current position and pave the way for a successful future. By taking a closer look at your business objectives and technology landscape, this workbook empowers you to make informed decisions and drive improvements in your organization's operations.

Why is Self-Assessment Important? 

CIS Maturity Workbook for Utility Managers

Self-assessment is a crucial step in the journey toward growth and improvement. By honestly evaluating your business, you gain valuable insights into areas that can be enhanced. It allows you to identify recurring problems, understand what's hindering your objectives, and make necessary updates to reflect new goals.

Moreover, assessing your technology infrastructure helps you determine whether it's supporting or impeding your progress, allowing you to make informed decisions on improvements and investments.

Ready to uncover opportunities for improvement and optimize your organization's operations? 

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