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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is VertexOne changing its product names? 

VertexOne has experienced stellar growth over recent years. Following the successful acquisition of EC Infosystems in 2021 and WaterSmart Software in 2020, our portfolio of meter-to-cash (now referred to as customer-to-cash) solutions has expanded far beyond our initial offering to the utilities industry. Our team has worked diligently to establish cohesion with these products, made available as a result of these acquisitions, with the rest of our VertexOne portfolio. Additionally, VertexOne’s increasing pace of innovation and product development will continue to broaden our offering to utilities and energy companies across North America in coming months and years.  

Following this technical work, to further reflect this consistency and expansion of our portfolio, we are pleased to establish our refined approach to product names. All VertexOne products will now begin with the VX precursor, which stands for VertexOne Experience. The intention is to reflect our long-standing focus on the customer experience for utilities and energy companies. Explore how VertexOne can help your organization to shepherd the next generation of customer experience. Request a consultation with our team today.  

When will the product name changes occur? 

All new product names take effect immediately. For any utilities or energy companies currently contracted with VertexOne, there will be no impact or change in your scope of services. You can expect to receive the same great service and functionality throughout the duration of your contract.  

Are all VertexOne product names changing? 

Yes, to maintain our focus on consistency all products will take on new names as part of this transition. 

Where will I see these name changes? 

You can explore all of our products, by their new names, on our VertexOne website. Additionally, we have created this simple guide to help in mapping any legacy product names to their newly established names. 

Product Renaming Guide-1


Where can I see a list of new product names? 

All products are listed on the home page of our website as well as in the navigation under ‘Products + Services’.  


Why are products now categorized? 

We understand utilities and energy companies are faced with a wide variety of challenges. VertexOne remains deeply committed to providing solutions in the three established product categories long into the future: digital, revenue, and data.  

  • The digital category of solutions transforms a utility or energy company’s customer experience to become more modern, satisfying, and cost-effective. Proven to improve customer satisfaction. 
  • The revenue category of solutions plays a critical role in the utility or energy company’s ability to manage their billing and revenue process. Proven to reduce debt and assure revenue stability.  
  • The data category digs a level deeper into a powerful set of tools meant to surface additional value out of a utility or energy company’s data. Proven to increase the organization’s operational efficiency.  

Is each product stand-alone? What are the dependencies for certain products? 

The majority of VertexOne products can stand alone, although they are further enhanced when bundled together. There are a handful of exceptions. Most notably, is in the digital category where our products build upon each other to provide a more robust digital customer engagement platform. For clarification or guidance on how to best select and bundle our products, we encourage you to request a consultation with one of our experts.

How do I explain the name change to my team or organization? 

Primarily emphasize that from a day-to-day perspective, nothing will change, your team can expect the same high-quality VertexOne functionality and support that they are accustomed to. The products have been renamed in order to better describe their functionality and allow for further scalability as we continue to expand our solution offering in the future. 

Will this change product functionality? 

Some functionality within our suite of solutions may be bundled differently than it was under the legacy product names. No functionality will be lost, in fact, these new product names rather expand the functionality available across all legacy platforms.  

Will this change product support? 

There will be no impact on the high standard of VertexOne support utilities and energy companies have come to expect. Our dedication to our clients and providing the best in support services to our clients will remain steadfast.  

Will I receive a revised contract to reflect the new product names? 

Contracts will only be revised upon renewal or contract end. At that time, contracts will include updated terminology and naming.

With these product names changes, what can I expect at VertexOne's user conference this year? 

At our inaugural VertexOne User Conference, “VX ’23 – Accelerating Success”, we will offer further deep dives into each of our products. Additionally, we will share the enhancements planned for each product and how they can be leveraged by clients alongside their pre-existing solution sets.

Do I need to take any action? 

There is no required action, however, we encourage you to schedule time with our team to explore these new product names further and consider how you can better leverage our suite of solutions to revolutionize your customer and staff experience.