Elizabeth Reed

Chief HR Officer

Elizabeth Reed joined Vertex as part of the Alliance Data acquisition when they sold off their Utility Services division in 2008 to Vertex.  She is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources and Benefits.  She has been instrumental in streamlining processes and creating efficiencies, while also saving the company money.  She has 10 years of Finance and Accounting experience and held various roles from Senior Accountant to Finance Manager with Alliance Data starting in 1999, which included general ledger accounting, forecast and budget, and mergers and acquisitions.  She was then asked to take on the role of Director of North American Payroll for the US and Canada with Vertex as a result of the acquisition, thus dovetailing her career into Human Resources for the past 11 years.  She has also served as Director of Global Payroll, which included the UK and India, as well as Director of HRIS and Benefits and Vice President of Human Resources.

Andrew Jornod

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Buchardt

Executive Vice President; General Counsel

Brad Almond

Chief Financial Officer; Senior Vice President, Corporate Services

Mark Carde

Chief Information Officer

Shannon Glen

Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategy

Peter Hazlewood

Executive Vice President of Delivery for Enlogix/Banner CIS, eCIS and Web/Mobile

Andre Van Honschooten

Executive Vice President of VertexOne Delivery

Keith Foerster

Senior Vice President of Finance