Andrew Jornod

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew started his career in the Energy & Utilities sector over 23 years ago. He is responsible for leading the entire Vertex organization with a focus on serving our 40 customers across North America, growing the organization through strategic investments and business development, and ensuring delivery excellence across all of the Vertex divisions. He has played a pivotal role in the growth in profitability and revenue opportunities through our VertexOne go-to-market offering. He has been with Vertex since 2013 and also serves as a Board Member for Vertex since 2015.

Prior to joining Vertex, Andrew directed the global energy and utilities business unit at HCL. He was instrumental in helping HCL becoming the fastest growing, and one of the largest utility service providers today in the industry. Before HCL, Andrew was a Vice President within Oracle’s Utilities Global Business Unit, with responsibilities that included product management and development, and sales and marketing. In addition, he held key roles at Indus (now Ventyx), British Telecom, Control Data Systems and Microsoft.

Todd Buchardt

Executive Vice President; General Counsel

Elizabeth Reed

Chief HR Officer

Mark Carde

Chief Information Officer

Peter Hazlewood

Executive Vice President of Delivery for Enlogix/Banner CIS, eCIS and Web/Mobile

Keith Foerster

Chief Financial Officer