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VertexOne E-CIS Support

Since the mid-1980s, utilities have run CIS Classic, E-CIS, and eCIS+ to support their customers and operations. Today, these utilities struggle to find resources to support these older CIS. That’s where VertexOne E-CIS Support comes in.

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Still running E-CIS/eCIS+ on AS400? VertexOne has you covered.

Since the mid-1980s, utilities have been running CIS Classic, which later was redeveloped into E-CIS and then eCIS+ as software computing evolved. Though utilities tend to keep their CIS for decades or more, E-CIS users face an aging workforce, a lack of developers with RPG coding experience, and even faster-aging AS400 computers. Even if you’re already looking to replace that E-CIS with a new, state-of-the-art CIS, you still need to keep the lights on while you evaluate your options, then implement the ultimate CIS of your choice.

Enter VertexOne E-CIS Support. Instead of trying to find replacement AS400 servers and new personnel that can maintain them, utilities can come to VertexOne for hosting, as well as full maintenance and support. VertexOne provides utilities the expertise and personnel to maintain, enhance, upgrade, fine-tune, and otherwise provide 24/7 support for their aging E-CIS—so they can get about finding and implementing a replacement when it’s time.

Managing utility CIS systems is our only business. A major advantage of working with VertexOne E-CIS Support is having a team who knows E-CIS better than almost anyone else, and one also focused a close working relationship with every client.

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Dedicated Support Team

Based in Bend, Oregon, the ECIS Support team is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing this technology, our ECIS support team is available and on-call 24/7/365, so your utility is never without a functioning CIS.

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Resources And Experience

With experienced and fully trained ECIS resources plus a team of dedicated AS400 folks, VertexOne can offer a transition plan where we manage all your ECIS maintenance, development, and support.

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The Original E-CIS Experts

VertexOne owns the intellectual property for ECIS, so we can do more than maintain and support it. We can also help with business or regulatory requirements, productivity improvements, improved customer interactions, customer reports, and defect remediation.

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Fully Hosted, Fully Managed

VertexOne provides support for on-premise ECIS installations. But for utilities that opt for a fully hosted and managed solution, VertexOne eliminates the need for expensive hardware purchases while still allowing you to take advantage of the latest, most secure technology.


SLA Delivery Vertex strictly adheres to our service level agreements for performance and business support, with proactive monitoring and daily and monthly reporting.


Staff Members The E-CIS Support team has approximately 40 staff members based in Bend, Oregon, dedicated to supporting various versions of E-CIS.


Years Average Tenure The average tenure of our E-CIS Support staff is 17 years, meaning you’re never dealing with someone unfamiliar with the technology they’re supporting.

“VertexOne doesn’t just run the system, but they know our business and help us achieve our business strategies,” one county official said. “We would never host our own CIS again.”


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