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Michelle Gillum

Recent Posts

Unlock a Data Treasure Trove By Leveraging Customer Data Segmentation

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A Chat with Vertex's New COO, Bobby Batson

For any company, especially a technology company, hiring ignites a spark of innovation and new ideas. From fresh perspectives on company initiatives to setting realistic goals, growth in the form of hiring sets companies up for continued success. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Robert “Bobby” Batson has joined Vertex as our new chief operating officer, bringing with him a strategic vision that involves collaboration, embracing company culture and an emphasis on market growth.

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Leveraging VertexOne Cloud CIS as a Capital Investment

In the utility industry, operational costs remain a hot topic for discussion and concern. Traditionally, regulators have required utilities to use capital expenditures for fixed assets in calculating ROI and rate cases—which made accounting for cloud-based solutions problematic.

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VertexOne: Redefining the Future of Customer-Utility Interactions

The beauty of Vertex solutions is that we are constantly finding new ways that improve how customers interact with their utility providers. This goal informs each application in the VertexOne solution suite, most notably our Customer Advantage product.

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Delivering Success and Savings for D.C. Water

DC Water is a leading water utility provider out of Washington, D.C. that looked to Vertex when its CIS system required an upgrade. Additionally, it tapped Vertex for workforce management planning and web self-service.

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The Evolution of Cloud Technology in Utilities

It’s no secret that the utility landscape looks vastly different than it did twenty, ten, and even as recently as five years ago. The most remarkable changes have been as a result of cloud transformation, something that enables Vertex to provide customers with intelligent, fully hosted and managed offerings. We’ve witnessed this digital shift from day one and saw a niche to fill with our solution offerings. We decided to develop a true cloud platform for our customers, but noticed some uncertainty in the market surrounding the cloud.

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VertexOne Broadens IoT Capabilities for Utilities Through Analytics

As utilities continue to diversify and broaden their tech capabilities, there’s increasing discussion around leveraging advanced characteristics within the distribution architecture. These include analytics and, more recently, IoT and related intelligent devices.

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Improving Customer Service with VertexOne’s Self-Service Capabilities

Vertex has been faithfully serving the utility industry since 1996 with a goal to provide affordable, world-class customer experience solutions to utilities of all sizes. In doing so, we build and foster relationships with clients across North America, and provide decades-long service as a trusted utility partner.

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Leveraging Machine Learning for Greater Data Insight

As technology continues to grow and adapt, so do accompanying trends. Machine learning is a rapidly evolving technology discipline that is carving a space in the utility landscape. A branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning enables utility providers to teach computer systems to learn in order to improve how customers interact with their offerings.

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