As customer expectations increasingly drive the need for new solutions, utilities of all sizes find it difficult to keep up with the pace of technology innovations. To update internal systems, companies face a harrowing path. Many organizations pursue new technology implementations, which can be costly and time consuming. However, implementing a new technology platform doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There is a simpler, secure solution: moving to the cloud.

Cloud technology offers companies the opportunity to bypass traditional implementation methods, streamlining the process and minimizing risks and expenses. This innovative technology provides utility providers, particularly those with limited resources, with a sense of liberation by eliminating the need to invest in expensive hardware and software licenses or manage complex integrations. Improving the Customer Experience with Cloud Technology, VertexOne

Transitioning to cloud-based technology significantly lowers the impact on your IT staff. With a traditional implementation, utilities shift their best IT personnel to run the project, taking them away from their primary jobs for extended periods—maybe even years. This stretches everyone in IT pretty thin. Migrating to cloud-based technology reduces the burden of project management on IT staff while saving utilities a significant amount of time and money.

Cloud software takes care of hosting systems, scaling growth, checking performance, and supporting system health, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters – delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Furthermore, opting for cloud technology instead of traditional implementations can result in a significant cost reduction of at least 40% for utilities. This not only enables utilities to prioritize customer satisfaction during and after the migration, but also allows them to keep their focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Benefits of cloud implementation:

  • Ease of migration. Transfer onto a new CIS platform, or add new customer experience capabilities, in half the time of a traditional implementation with less risk and cost.
  • Focusing on what matters. Concentrating on your core business rather than a costly and time-consuming implementation.
  • Easily adjustable software. Scaling your systems, features, and functions to match growing needs and ensure an improved customer experience at a low cost to serve.

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