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Support that Meets Your Utility Where It Is

Doing what you’ve always done with the tech you’ve always had doesn’t mean you’re saving time. Change is tough, especially when you have to consider customer data, IT infrastructure, and employee happiness. Unfortunately, avoiding change can mean missing out on opportunities for growth and improvement. 

We know you want to provide the best experience for your people and team. That’s why we make the process simple for you. VertexOne FastStart™ has been refined through more than 30 years of experience to ensure that your implementation is on time and on budget.


What Our Clients Say

“The way I look at it, any competent company can come in and do a good implementation. But what do you do when something happens unexpectedly or when processes have to change quickly? That’s when it’s critical to have a relationship with a technology partner that can adapt and help utilities like Pinellas County adapt quickly. That’s just another benefit from having selected VertexOne.”

Georges Gonzalez

Pinellas County Utilities

“VertexOne’s decades of experience providing world-class modern technology and customer experience solutions for utilities is one of the key reasons this project went so smoothly and why we’re happy to have become long-term partners. All our subsidiary utilities, their staff and their customers love the result. The VertexOne solution is scalable and flexible to support our strategy for sustained growth through many future acquisitions.”

Jeff Farney

Southwest Water Company