DALLAS, TX — March 13, 2024 — VertexOne, a leading provider of cloud software designed to revolutionize the customer experience within the energy and utility industry, is proud to announce the official launch of its Innovation Initiative. After a year of dedicated efforts to establish a robust innovation foundation within the company, VertexOne launched the initiative with the introduction, and successful completion, of its inaugural Innovation Hackathon.

Inspired by the dynamic and collaborative nature of software hackathons, the event was aimed to empower employees to develop innovative solutions to help address a wide range of challenges. The virtual hackathon was open to all VertexOne employees spanning the U.S., Canada, and India, with a total of 20 teams comprised of 78 employees taking part in the two-day event. Senior VertexOne leaders from different divisions provided mentorship to help turn the team’s transformational ideas into effective end-to-end solutions.

The hackathon was spearheaded by VertexOne VP of Product Development, Ann-Marie Burger, who pitched the idea as a creative and collaborative way to accelerate strategy and encourage employees to think more innovatively.

“I wanted to find a way to tap into the immense talent we have here at VertexOne in a cross-functional, integrated way that challenges us to approach problems from fresh perspectives,” Burger said.

“Innovating for our clients is what drives us at VertexOne, so what better way to capitalize on that ingenuity than with an event like this,” added Innovation Committee Co-chair and Vice President of Product Management, Andreya Shaak. “One that inspires teams to think outside the box to conjure up groundbreaking solutions that tackle real-world challenges that create lasting value.”

Participating teams were encouraged to challenge convention in five key areas: Productivity Improvement, Operational Efficiency Enhancement, Product Usability Improvement, Cost Reduction, and Revenue Increases.

Ideas were evaluated based on innovation, originality, relevancy, impact and scalability, and technical execution. Congratulations are in order to the following teams:

  • 1st place: Modernizing Client Onboarding – comprised team members: of Raghu Vemuri, Salman Qavi, & Kanwal Koul.
  • 2nd place: Team VICKI – comprised of team members: Ron Deems, Trupti Patil, Laurie Loftin, Arvinder Chawla, & Kris Boland.
  • 3rd place: Probatores Dati – comprised of team members: Michael Hartley, Parul Sharma, Jason Stein, Bruce Orrell, Daina Romine, & Shannon Brunz.

“At VertexOne, we believe that fostering a culture of continuous innovation isn’t just a strategy, but the essence of our identity,” VertexOne CEO Andrew Jornod said. “We’re changemakers, on the forefront of advancing what’s possible. This hackathon is a testament to our continuing commitment to pioneering innovative new processes that revolutionize and redefine customer experience in our industry.”

To find out more about VertexOne and career opportunities within the company, visit: https://www.vertexone.net/careers


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About VertexOne

VertexOne is the leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions, powering the next generation of customer experience for utilities, energy retailers and energy transition providers. With more than 30 years of experience and 400 customers in the cloud, we capitalize on our deep expertise to provide a wide range of innovative solutions for digital transformation, revenue optimization and data-driven efficiency operations surrounding the customer. From customer information systems (CIS) and mobile workforce management (MWM) to electronic data interchange (EDI) and self-service customer engagement portals, we empower our clients to deliver a compelling customer experience, reduce costs to serve, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. For more information on how VertexOne allows you to enhance the digital customer experience, improve revenue management and leverage data analytics, visit https://www.vertexone.net.