DC Water is a leading water utility provider out of Washington, D.C. that looked to Vertex when its CIS system required an upgrade. Additionally, it tapped Vertex for workforce management planning and web self-service.

DC Water had previously been leveraging a nearly 20-year-old system. To stay ahead of the changing tide of consumer preferences, providing solid self-service features in its utility environment was critical. It needed a turnkey, modern CIS designed to meet these needs.

Vertex was selected out of 18 providers and began immediately fostering a relationship built on the level of service we would be providing through implementation for the seven-year project contract. The hard work paid off, and the project went live in just 12 months with minimal delivery and implementation issues.

We pride ourselves on stellar customer service and experience before, during and after project implementation. This results in long-standing relationships with our customers who know they can rely on us to stabilize their systems during a long CIS program. Our work with DC Water was no different.

One month after going live, Vertex had already begun working to stabilize business and drive operational efficiency within the project. CIS programs can take anywhere from 18 to 36 months, so maintaining a strict and pertinent timeframe remains a top objective for many customers. Our hands-on partnership enabled us to achieve unprecedented benefits with D.C. Water.

First, we rolled out our customer web self-service program six months into the partnership, and then rolled out a robust solution set. In just one year, Vertex was able to deliver outstanding service and operation to DC Water’s system. Additionally, we optimized customer engagement and provided insight into the financial implications of this project. This drove considerable ROI, a metric previously ignored by utilities as it was seen as a sunk cost.

Our work with DC Water enabled us to augment ROI to the tune of $20+ million by deploying a next-level support aimed at engaging with business and creating holistic value for the organization.


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