Reduce customer support costs through an automated self-help system that allows customers to identify and resolve concerns over high-bills.

Take the shock out of bills Bill Explainer with VertexOne

Bill surprises are the number one reason end-users call customer support. There are three primary reasons for high bills.

  • Unexpected consumption
  • Water leaks
  • Rate increases

The VertexOne Bill Explainer system included in VXsmart uses advanced machine learning to identify the likely cause of the bill surprise and walks customers through a simple process to answer questions and help manager water spend.

How it works 

High bills occur for a variety of reasons. Our library of solution recommendations are algorithmically curated based on the consumption history and rate structure of each customer account. The top most likely causes of a bill surprise are presented in priority order with a series of actionable steps to help customers understand and proactively avoid further bill surprises.

Our system learns from customer feedback as well as aggregated data from other users to optimize recommendations and educate customers on their water use.


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