VertexOne delivers a suite of self-service tools to meet rising customer expectations and improve satisfaction while keeping costs under control.

What your customers get

Bill Explainer: Guide customers through automated self-help

  • Identify most likely reason for high bill
  • Proactively address customer frustration
  • Step-by-step instructions to avoid future high bills

Leak Alerts and Resolution: Allow customers to detect and resolve leaks on their own

  • Leak detection
  • Multi-channel notification (email, text, voice)
  • Easy-to-use resolution wizard

Forms: Gather customer information with ease through this flexible tool

  • Eliminate convoluted workflows
  • Useful for any application or data collection process
  • Start/stop/transfer service
  • Rebate application
  • Service request
  • Water waste reporting

Despite recognition by utilities of the need to reduce call escalations, lower call volumes, and improve the overall customer service experience, VertexOne has found that nearly 40% of utilities rarely or never utilize self-service tools.

Get results

Reduce Customer Calls

22% of customer service time is spent addressing customers with leak complaints. VertexOne’s industry-first online leak resolution system reduces this burden for utility staff. 40% of customers report resolving leaks without contacting their utility.

Automate Customer Requests

Customer data collection often requires downloading, printing, then scanning, faxing, or emailing completed forms. Utilities can save time by moving service requests to structured, digital, self-service processes.

Forms make it easy:
1.    Build a form
2.    Publish to customers
3.    Track responses and communicate status

Measure Success

The top reason for calls to customer support are bill complaints. Providing a unified Customer Portal where customers can quickly view and pay their bill and can help them resolve high bills is key in improving customer satisfaction. VertexOne’s self-service solutions are proven to triple levels of engagement and double customer satisfaction.


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