Give your customers and your care team full access to account data, usage information, payment details, and other insights in one location. Integrate engagement with your CIS to make billing and metering data available to agents and customers alike and eliminate duplicate data across systems. VXengage Customer Web Portal Brochure, VertexOne

Our self-service platform helps utilities engage with customers, promoting cost and resource savings through online tools and data-driven advice. Customers can start using the platform immediately without assistance from utility staff.

  • Channel Consistency: Consistent information by enabling end customer’s view into system of record with associated utility dashboard
  • Proactive Contact Deflection: Information and easy-to-follow actions to eliminate customer’s need to contact
  • Personalization: Target information and offers that are specific and relevant to the end customer
  • Actionable Insight: Quickly resolve customer issues by offering closed loop tools and recommendations
  • Real-Time Updates: System updates in real-time for accurate data collection and communication


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