Utility Overview

Soquel Creek Water District is a public agency dedicated to providing a high-quality and sustainable water supply to nearly 41,000 residents. However, the district felt restricted in its ability to meet customer expectations when it came to collecting payments, largely due to an inefficient billing and payment platform that created time-consuming and frustrating experiences for both residents and staff.


The Challenge

After switching to InvoiceCloud’s user-friendly true-SaaS solution, Soquel Creek has seen several benefits, including:

  • Higher customer satisfaction with a frictionless, streamlined user experience
  • Improved digital payment adoption rates with more convenient self-service options
  • A seamless integration with their customer self-service portal
  • Reduced costs with a significant increase in AutoPay enrollment

The Solution

After a collaborative and straightforward implementation process the district was immediately seeing the results of removing barriers in the payment process to simplify collections and provide a user-friendly experience, including:

  • Increased self-service and higher customer satisfaction due to a frictionless payment process
  • Reduced operational expenses $3,000 per month with increased e-adoption
  • Significant increase in AutoPay enrollment, which reduced check processing costs
  • Fewer manual tasks allowing staff to focus on other organizational priorities
  • Greater engagement through a seamless integration with their self-service portal


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