Utility Overview

Global Water Resources, Inc. (GWR) is a leading water resource management company that owns and operates 29 systems that provide water, wastewater, and recycled water services. It also distributes recycled water throughout communities using a separate system of pipes.

The investor-owned utility serves upwards of 60,000 customers located primarily in major growth corridors in and around the Greater Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona areas, where booming development over the last decade has made it the fastest growing metropolitan region in the county.

The Challenge

GWR's team identified that a significant percentage of incoming calls – up to 20% – were being devoted to time-consuming, transactional interactions. These tasks added no value to the customer experience, so the team sought to free up agents from these needless duties.

After exploring various call mitigation strategies, GWR discovered the form's feature set in their VXsmart platform's customer service portal. Although they had utilized VXsmart since 2018, this was the first time the company fully embraced the potential of VXsmart Forms. 

The Solution: Do More with Less

GWR has capitalized on their existing product, VXsmart Forms, to enhance their suite of self-service customer solutions. With the user-friendly three-step process, GWR staff can create and publish electronic forms in no time.  

Doing More w Less Increasing Efficiency through Customer Self-Service at Global Water Resources

By setting form specifications, adding form fields, and publishing, the process is seamless. The implementation of VXsmart Forms has transformed the once tedious and lengthy telephone interactions required for services, such as establishing new connections or disconnects, to a mere few minutes of data entry and a confirmation email.

In addition to these services, GWR can also utilize VXsmart Forms to design a variety of helpful forms, such as service initiation, water waste reports, meter reads, and home audits. Responses are then tracked in the Utility Dashboard for easy management and reference.

Here, they can view submissions, reply to submissions via email, manage submission statuses, download attachments, and leave notes for future reference.

The Product: VXsmart Configurable Online Forms

Forms within VXsmart is a user-friendly and straightforward platform for GWR Staff to develop and publish any electronic form. The process involves three easy steps: select the form settings, add the relevant form fields, and publish. GWR Staff can create various kinds of forms, including start and stop services, water waste reports, meter read submissions, and home audit requests.

All responses are tracked in the Utility Dashboard, where staff can view submissions, manage statuses, reply via email, download attachments, and add notes for future reference.

Looking Ahead 

GWR became a power user of the VXsmart forms feature set, utilizing nearly every element it provides, adapting their utility process around its unique functionality suite to serve their customers better and more efficiently.

The implementation of the forms has also replaced long, tedious telephone interactions that were once required for things like establishing new service connections or doing disconnects with just a couple of minutes of data entry and a confirmation email.

This has led to a boon in operational efficiency that has benefited the company, the call center, and the customers they strive to serve.

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