In order to deliver great customer experience in a fast-changing world, utilities need to be able to adapt to new business needs like never before. The good news: cloud technology offers businesses both agility and an easier way to stay up to date.

Due to its scalability, the cloud has become the ideal platform to keep pace with ever-evolving business requirements and growing operations. Cloud technology gives utilities the opportunity to deliver new services, instead of worrying about how to keep up with customer demands. In fact, according to PCWorld, 50 percent of companies stated that were able to pursue new opportunities because of time saved with the cloud.

With flexible cloud technology, utilities can easily scale up existing applications and add new applications should they undergo rapid growth. Cloud technology cuts traditional implementation timelines in half, meaning utilities can go live with a new solution far faster. This is a major advantage over following traditional computing models, which require the purchase and implementation of new hardware and software to accommodate new demands, not to mention the staff and expertise needed.

In terms of functionality, the cloud allows utilities to add a variety of new capabilities such as multichannel, customer enrollment analytics, debt collection analytics, and more. This flexibility allows companies to ensure that their customers are getting a tailored and unique experience.

The benefits of scalable cloud technology include:

Flexibility. Responsiveness of cloud technology allows businesses to adapt to customer needs to deliver a better customer experience.

Enhancing the customer experience. Add features and functions that benefit customers while lowering cost to serve.

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