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Written by: VertexOne
2017 has been a big year at WaterSmart!  Over the past 12 months we expanded  our   customer engagement platform  to provide automated communication management  for  utilities’ most time-intensive  topics - leaks, high bills, and emergency notifications. We also extended our reach into utility bill presentment and electronic billing. Taken as a whole, these new product  capabilities   drive efficiencies and data transparency across the  entire  utility organization.

Here are some highlights of our product releases over the past 12 months.  We'll continue to build upon this momentum to reduce the cost to serve utility customers, protect utility revenue, and improve customer satisfaction in 2018!

Cutting Edge Text and Voice Communications

In 2017 we expanded  Group Messenger , our automated customer messaging  system , to include text and voice communication channels. Because many utilities have more phone numbers on file than email addresses, this feature  allows  Group Messenger to be used as an emergency communication platform for topics such as service outages. We also added a  mobile number validation tool  to the platform to help utilities  automatically identify  the best way to contact their customers ,  and we found that over 50% of  phone  numbers in utilities' databases are mobile.

Strengthened Leadership in Leak Alerting and Management

This year we surpassed our unmatched  leak alerting and resolution  solution to address nearly all leak-related interactions between the utility and their customers, and developed a set of robust metrics to help quantify the  benefits  of leak alerts. This expansion includes the ability  to  send  automated print leak alerts  and tools to track alerts that are sent manually by utility staff. We also made our Leak Diagnosis and Investigation tool available to all customers so they can self-initiate a leak check at any time. And on the Utility Analytics Dashboard, we now display metrics approximating water savings associated with leak alerts, customer sentiment in response to leak alerts, the total open leak rate within the utility, a history of all alerts sent through WaterSmart, and the estimated leak volume across the service area over time. We also now detect continuous use for all meter classes, allowing the utility to send leak communications to non-single family residential meter classes if they choose. Together these features provide the utility with a true end-to-end leak management  solution , covering all meter classes across all  available  communication channels. 

New! Bill Forecasting

WaterSmart introduced  bill forecasting  and bill forecast notifications (both volumetric and cost-based) this year for our AMI customers. We developed this feature set in response to feedback from our utility partners that  the number one reason customers call the utility is because of a high bill . Among newly register ed  customers we found that nearly  20%  choose to opt-in to receive these notifications! Initial response to follow - up surveys indicate that these notifications overwhelmingly help customers  better  understand and prepare for their bill. 

Fully Redesigned Customer Portal

On the Customer Portal, we completely redesigned the homepage to better support our increasingly diverse water utility clients. The new modular design is  responsive for  mobile and tablet  devices , and is easily configured to reflect the utility’s priorities and their customers’ unique attributes. Additionally, we added weather data  (temperature and precipitation)  to the seasonal use chart to allow customers to better understand the drivers of seasonal changes in consumption. For AMI customers, we began to communicate data interruptions on the AMI chart and added a new chart that aggregates the customer’s use in the current billing period.  Finally, and most importantly,  we added bill presentment and paperless billing enrollment to the Customer Portal  which allows customers to see their consumption information alongside billing data

New! Customer Email Management Tools

To better support utility staff using the Utility Dashboard to manage customer communication, we added customizable email templates and email capture .   N ow all customer responses to ,  and threads originating from ,  emails sent through the WaterSmart platform are captured and documented on the Customer Details Page. We also added a new Conversations grid that documents all inbound communications, and allows the utility to “open” and “close” conversations  to more easily manage customer interactions across a wide range of utility staff members and departments .


As 2017 comes to a close, we are  excited about our  role  in  helping our utility partners provide value to their  end-use  customers, and  we look  forward to an even more ambitious  and innovative  2018! 
VertexOne is the recognized leader in SaaS platforms for critical business processes of utilities across North America. Through a wide range of innovative services and solutions —including the VertexOne CompleteTM SaaS Solution for Utilities comprised of the Customer Information System (CIS), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Meter Data Management (MDM), Digital Customer Engagement and Customer Self Service, and now the addition of WaterSmart solutions and services—VertexOne helps utilities more efficiently deliver a compelling customer experience; reducing the cost to serve customers, increasing operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction, and driving utility operations forward. VertexOne takes on the heavy lifting of keeping current with the rapid pace of technology changes through our VertexOne CompleteTM SaaS offering, so utilities don’t have to—leaving our customers more time to focus on core utility business while leaving the technology to us.

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