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Written by: Jack Merrell


Only a quarter of consumers today feel that their utility is connecting the dots for them—that the utility is properly informing them about how much energy and water they use, and then correlating that use to both its environmental and economic impact on the consumer.

On the other side of the coin, less than half of utility executives feel that their organization is equipped to deal with the massive amounts of data* collected by today’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart metering systems.

So, what is a water provider to do in the age of IoT, armed with an abundance of smart metering and sensor data but facing less-than-satisfied customer sentiment about how that information is used? How can we connect consumers with the information they crave?

Enter Itron and WaterSmart Software, two leading vendors in the water space who are committed to helping you make the most of all that data. And not just big data—but the right data, analyzed in the right way, and presented at the right time to be relevant, insightful--and even useful.

Itron provides a host of utility-centric solutions that not only collect data from a variety of meters and sensors, but also manage and analyze that data, presenting it in digestible, actionable chunks for utility system operators. Itron technology harnesses the power of big data and uses it to streamline operations, helping utilities run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

WaterSmart takes that utility-centric AMI data and presents it in a clear, concise way to consumers to encourage engagement and conservation. WaterSmart software leverages AMI data, analyzes it and then presents it to consumers through web portals, mobile apps and more.

Informed consumers, equipped with the right information, are going to make the biggest impact on how much water is used, conserved and preserved for future generations.

To get a better sense of how water utility customers are benefiting from the relationship between Itron and WaterSmart, take a look at our recent testimonial video - Bridge to AMI: Removing the guesswork.

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Learn more about the imprint the Itron-WaterSmart partnership can make on both utility and consumer at ACE: AWWA 2017 in booth #2625 (Itron) and booth #2335 (WaterSmart).

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