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UtilityWide Talk: Maximizing Value through Data-Driven Decisions

September 22, 2021 | 11 AM PST

UtilityWide Talk: Maximizing Value through Data-Driven Decisions

Business decisions should be rooted in data-driven insights. But how does a utility facilitate a culture change internally to empower employees to utilize data-driven decision making on a regular basis? Furthermore, what solutions can an organization utilize to better the decision making process?

In this webinar, we will be joined by industry experts to discuss how utilities can maximize value though data-driven decisions. We will cover organizational cultural shifts, how to obtaining and digesting data, and where to find powerful insights within your data. Together, we will begin a blueprint for a healthier relationship with your utility's data. 


Vanessa Greenlee is the Principal Market Research Specialist at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. She is responsible for incorporating statistics and market research design and principles to better plan the utility's next programs. Vanessa is excellent at managing several high-profile projects by generating data-driven insights for business partners.  


Tom Jas is the Manager of Marketing, Market Research and Data Analytics for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Serving SMUD for over 22 years, Tom is responsible for overseeing marketing, research and "Big Data Analytics" to develop solutions for customers in the appropriate marketing channels. He's also manages products, programs, and services for the utility.


Jason Rodriguez is the Chief Executive Officer of Zpryme. Serving as the lead of strategy and business development, he's responsible for leading the strategy and the direction of the company’s market research, events, and virtual and augmented reality work in the clean-tech, education, e-mobility, and smart community sectors.


Gary Wong is the Global Industry Principal of Infrastructure and Water at AVEVA, a leader in real-time, industrial, performance intelligence. He leads global data centers, facilities, smart cities, and water businesses and has 25 years of extensive international experience providing sustainable, strategic and cost-effective digital solutions.