VertexOne On-Premise CIS

Depending on where your utility is in its journey, keeping your CIS on premise can be a great option. Our VertexOne On-Premise CIS solution sits atop a solid SAP core, is purpose-built for utilities, and allows you to add-on additional services, expert SAP support, and even move towards a hybrid or full cloud model when you’re ready.

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Prefer an on-premise solution you can keep an eye on?

When we developed our VertexOne Cloud CIS, we poured over 20 years of utility customer service expertise into it. But we knew not every utility was ready to make that leap. After all, sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know and for which you have a trained support staff.

That’s why we offer our VertexOne On-Premise CIS solution, a state-of-the-art customer experience technology that lives on your own servers, in your own datacenter. Like our Cloud CIS, VertexOne On-Premise is built on a solid SAP foundation and leverages an in-memory SAP HANA database for exception speed and reliability. And it also allows you to add additional VertexOne modular applications, like Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce Management, and Analytics and Reporting.

With VertexOne, you’re never locked into a single CIS solution. VertexOne On-Premise is available with our exceptional suite of expert support services, so you never have to feel you are on-you-own. We can even help you integrate it with your other existing applications, or—when you’re ready—help you move towards a hybrid of full cloud solution.


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Purpose-Built For Utilities

We’ve provided utilities with customer experience solutions for over 20 years. That means with VertexOne On-Premise CIS, you get more than a full-featured, customizable CIS. You get one that’s purpose-built for utilities.

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Your CIS, Your Datacenter

Some utilities are ready for the cloud, some are not. Our on-premise CIS leverages your existing data center, physical infrastructure, and staff—yet we’re always there to support you when you need us.

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The Power of SAP

Speed and capacity limitations are concerns of the past. Built atop a powerful SAP S/4HANA in-memory database, VertexOne On-Premise CIS lets you scale to meet your utility’s needs today and tomorrow.

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Flexibility And Expandability

A VextexOne On-Premise CIS isn’t a static, closed system. Expand your CIS’ capabilities with our Customer Engagement solutions, Mobile Workforce Management, and Analytics and Reporting and more.