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VertexOne SAP Support

At VertexOne, we’ve been building CIS solutions on a rock-solid SAP foundation for years, whether it is our VertexOne Cloud CIS or a VertexOne On-Premise CIS solution. But we also have a team of SAP experts on staff to provide the ultimate in SAP support and license management.

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A White Glove approach to SAP support you won’t find anywhere else.

What’s the difference in the VertexOne White Glove approach to SAP support and that of your typical vendor? For one thing, those other vendors don’t have 20+ years of experience rooted firmly in customer experience technologies for utilities. And since many of our solutions are built on SAP, VertexOne is somewhat of an expert on it.

Our SAP Support option provides dedicated SAP support by a real person—the same one each time—not a faceless support line. And that person truly understands SAP applications and knows the implications of each SAP upgrade. This means they can support and maintain your SAP-based applications, but also advise you when (or if) you should update them.

We also know third-party vendors can augment your SAP solution, since SAP may not provide every option you need at your price point. Our third-party vendor and license management mean we can help select the right solution for you and make sure you pay only for the licenses you need.



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The Power of SAP

Speed and capacity limitations are concerns of the past. Built atop a powerful SAP S/4HANA in-memory database, our SAP-based CIS and other solutions let you scale to meet your utility’s needs today and tomorrow.

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Dedicated SAP Support For Utilities

You not only get VertexOne’s decades of experience with utilities but almost as many years with SAP. And you’ll know the person on the other end of the line, too.

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3RD Party Vendor/ License Management

Augment your SAP solutions with the ideal third-party software—and know not only that your selection was right but that you’re not paying for more than you need.

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FOCUS On Operations, Not Infrastructure

Running a utility is tough enough without having to be an expert in maintaining software. Let VertexOne take care of SAP and other third-party applications, so you can focus on satisfying your customers while staying technically current.


SLA Delivery VertexOne strictly adheres to our service level agreements for performance and business support, with proactive monitoring and daily and monthly reporting.

First Place

Best CIS Implementation For DC Water, our SAP staff was key to ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery, as well as continued technical currency on SAP S/4HANA, winning the Best CIS Implementation for 2018.


Years Average Tenure The average tenure of our SAP Support staff is 13 years, meaning you’re never dealing with someone unfamiliar with the technology you need them to support.

“VertexOne doesn’t just run the system, but they know our business and help us achieve our business strategies,” one county official said. “We would never host our own CIS again.”