VertexOne Banner Support

Since 1998, VertexOne has supported over 4.4 million North American utility customers and their utility providers with Banner CIS and Enlogix CIS systems. Now, these utilities struggle to find resources to support these older CIS. That’s where VertexOne Banner Support comes in.

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Hosting and supporting our BANNER CIS customers since 1998.

VertexOne is the largest outsourcer of Hansen Customer Suite, the Oracle-based core of Banner CIS and VertexOne’s own version—Enlogix CIS—customized for the Canadian Regulated Utility market.

At VertexOne, we know evaluating and selecting a new CIS takes time. And we know that as solid as Banner-based CIS systems are, utilities need help expert help to maintain, enhance, upgrade, fine-tune, and otherwise provide 24/7 support for them—so they can get about finding and implementing a replacement when it’s time.

Managing utility CIS systems is our business. A major advantage of working with VertexOne Banner Support is having a team who knows Banner better than anyone else, and one also focused on a close working relationship with every client. VertexOne Banner Support offers:

  • Oracle Developers and conversion specialists
  • Business Analysts experienced in product development, customization, and business gap analysis
  • Quality Assurance Analysts and testers knowledgeable in Banner testing methodologies
  • Operation Specialists dedicated to Banner Support, batch schedule build, maintenance, and both change and problem management
  • Technical Staff including DBA’s, UNIX administrators and hardware support technicians



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Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated full time to Banner CIS support, our “center of excellence” team uses its proprietary tools to help Banner customers achieve the best business results possible, from maintenance and support to adding modern web solutions to enhance the customer experience and beyond.

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The Original Banner Experts

Starting with Banner and Enlogix over 20 years ago, we’ve added 400+ major features and performance upgrades over the years. With our team’s expertise, we provide our Banner customers with Customer Suite upgrades, technology assessments, migration planning, and performance improvements.

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Fully Hosted, Fully Managed

VertexOne Toronto fully hosts, manages, and provides a range of consulting services for Banner and Enlogix CIS customers in the U.S, and Canada, meaning those utilities can use their resources on the business, not infrastructure.

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Predictable Costs

Plus, hosting your Banner or Enlogix CIS with VertexOne makes your infrastructure and support costs predictable, eliminating the need for expensive hardware purchases while still allowing you to take advantage of the latest, most secure technology to reduce your risk.


Consistent Uptime VertexOne maintains and lives up to our service level agreements for performance and uptime, with proactive monitoring and daily and monthly reporting.


Staff Members The Banner Support team has approximately 50 staff members based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to Banner and Enlogix support.


Years Average Tenure The average tenure of our Banner Support staff is ten years, meaning you’re never dealing with someone unfamiliar with the technology they’re supporting.

Unlike other utilities, we chose a platform 20 years ago that has evolved seamlessly with our business needs and with the evolution of VertexOne we have been able to expand the functionality and longevity of the platform.”

– Dave Craven, Director, Union Gas