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Webinar: Unlock the Hidden Value of Customer Data

How Utilities Can Use Segmentation to Gain Insight on Customer Behavior

Video: VertexOne CIS for Utilities - The Ultimate CIS Experience

Vertex takes a flexible, reliable approach for utilities ready for a new CIS. Shannon Glen, SVP, explains how Vertex offers a state-of-the-art CIS, purpose-built for utilities, customizable to your needs, and delivered as fully managed and hosted solution in the Cloud or as an on-premise solution.

Video: VertexOne Overview

Who is VertexOne? Meet the team and learn how VertexOne is a trusted, experienced guide to help utilities implement, update, enhance, and maintain their CIS, no matter where they may be in their Customer Experience journey.

Case Study: JEA Customer Segmentation Analytics

Download the JEA Customer Segmentation Analytics Case Study to learn about how Vertex identified, collected, processed, organized, audited and imputed key data sets required for the segmentation.

Guide: The 2019 Guide to the Ultimate Utility Customer Information System

A Technology Roadmap for Reaching Your Utility’s Customer Experience Goals

OneSheet: Support Services SAP

What’s the difference in the Vertex White Glove approach to support and that of your typical vendor? It’s what you won’t get with most cloud or SaaS providers.

OneSheet: VertexOne's Fully Hosted and Managed Solution

Vertex understands your business because we’ve worked with utilities for over 20 years. That’s why VertexOne is a fully hosted and managed solution, designed and built for utilities.

VIDEO: Advanced Analytics Reshaping Utility Industry

Chirag Shah Director of Analytics & Consulting at Vertex discusses how advanced analytics has transformed the utilities industry.

Webinar: DC Water - Changing the way CIS implementations are executed - Better, Faster, Cheaper

In a recent webinar hosted by Cloud for Utilities, we sat down with DC Water executives to tell the story of how we upgraded their aging customer experience platform in record time and will provide $22 million in savings over its 7-year operating cycle.

Case Study: DC Water CIS Implementation

Learn about how DC Water's unprecedented 12-month Cloud CIS implementation to save $12 Million

Webinar: Why DC Water is Implementing the Cloud

Tom Kuczynski, DC Water’s Chief Information Officer and Rick Cutter, AAC Managing Partner discuss DC Water’s decision to select a cloud solution for their new CIS, and share what a utility should consider in the evaluation of cloud solutions.

Research: CIS and the Cloud - Agility in the New Utility Era

Read the results of this Zpryme survey of 200 utilities regarding CIS readiness for changing customer and technology demands.

Webinar: The Top 3 Cloud Myths: Debunked

This webinar addresses the top 3 concerns utilities have about cloud technology. Union Gas, who has been running in the cloud for over a decade, shares why the cloud works for them.

eBook: Why Migrating to the Cloud Makes Sense for Utilities

Learn 3 important reasons why the cloud presents a better way for utilities to improve customer experience.

Research: Priorities and Challenges in Customer Experience-Impact on the CIS

Key findings in a survey of electric, gas and water utilities of all sizes.

Brochure: Web & Mobile Self-Service

Upgrade customers to happier with anytime, anywhere self-service.

eBook: Future-Proofing Your CIS

Learn how to choose a CIS for the next 15 to 20 years.

Webinar: Why CIS Satisfaction is Waning & What Utilities Are Doing About It

Our speakers share recent research on the top challenges and priorities in customer experience, plus stories that demonstrate how some utilities are addressing them.

Guide: Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Learn the top advantages for utilities - from agility to TCO (total cost of ownership).

Brochure: Customer Enrollment

Learn more about Predictive Analytics for Customer Enrollment.

Brochure: Debt Collection

Learn more about Predictive Analytics for Debt Collection.

Brochure: VertexOne Overview

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Florida Utility

When this Florida utility updated its CIS, it got the most sophisticated CIS software available, and a team of experts to manage it. Said one official, “Our technology is up to date and performance levels are guaranteed, so we can focus on our customers.”