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Utility Benefits

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Intuitive User Navigation

Provide your team with a system that's easy and efficient, leading to:

  • Reduced call times
  • Increased first call resolution
  • Enhanced data integrity
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Managed Services

Allow your utility to focus on strategic business objectives with:

  • 24/7 help desk support
  • A single point of contact
  • Disaster recovery
  • Hosting


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Technical and Functional Currency

Reduce your total cost of ownership and future-proof your system with:

  • Annual product upgrades
  • Regular maintenance and ongoing support
  • Minimized interruptions



VXcis Features

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Faster Issue Resolution
Reduce call volume, spend fewer resources on problem-solving, and solve customer problems quickly and seamlessly.
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Fewer Billing Errors
Use automated smart meters to obtain more accurate meter readings and ensure correct billing each and every time.
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Better Customer Support
Boost customer satisfaction with an easy-to-use self-service portal, real-time service updates, customized communications, and more.
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More Preference Options
Communicate with customers when and how they want. Let them set their preferences to what suits their unique needs best.
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Enhanced Personalization
Store and retrieve past interactions, complaints, and service issues to provide the best possible experience for each customer.
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How does VXcis benefit your utility?


VXcis is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and highly configurable CIS built on a strong infrastructure.

Our CIS software brings users ease and flexibility with increased operational efficiency, improved customer support, and safely stored personal customer data.


What is CIS software?  

Also known as a customer information system, the CIS is the powerhouse of the meter-to-cash process⁠—a day-to-day process utility companies use to distribute information, improve the customer experience, recognize revenue, and translate metered usage of commodities into bills.

What is a utility CIS?  

A utility CIS is billing software designed for utilities that stores customer information and powers customer service. This technology gives each customer a unique identifier, helping utilities manage and file each account, bill, payment, interaction, complaint, change of service, and more.

What does a utility CIS do?  

This type of software focuses on increasing operational efficiency, improving customer service, and storing personal customer information. A utility CIS assigns each customer a unique identifier, which helps manage and file each interaction, complaint, change of service, and more.