VertexOne Predictive Analytics for Utilities helps you build better customer relationships and a better business.  

With VertexOne Predictive Analytics, you can actually predict and influence customer behavior. You’ll know which of your programs and services could make each customer happier. You won’t waste time and money reaching out to the wrong people. You’ll be able to streamline your collection efforts, acquire new customers more efficiently and retain current customers more effectively. Our utility predictive analytics can be applied across the customer lifecycle to improve customer experience, customer relationships and your business results.

Get VertexOne Predictive Analytics working for you:

Utility Customer Acquisition
As deregulation intensifies competition for new customers, VertexOne Predictive Analytics can help you drive up acquisition rates. You can identify individuals who have the highest potential to become customers, and the most efficient ways to acquire them.

Utility Debt Collection
When utilities want to reduce DSO, bad debt, and fees paid to third-party collection agencies, they traditionally focus on customers who are in arrears. VertexOne gives you a smarter strategy. Our predictive modeling and scoring approach have helped utilities recover millions in bad debt, and influence customer behavior to reduce future write-offs.

Utility Customer Enrollment
In response to environmental and economic challenges, utilities are putting a priority on energy efficiency and conservation programs. We offer a range of services and analytics that make it easy to segment your customers, identify appropriate messaging and incentives, and increase enrollment in your programs.

Customer Retention
In the competitive retail market, everyone knows it’s more cost effective to retain a current customer than acquire a new one. VertexOne gives you the power to predict the likelihood of a customer defecting, analyze the causes of attrition, and develop a segmented approach for retention that can provide significant savings.

Valuable Capabilities, Invaluable Expertise.
When you purchase utility Predictive Analytics from VertexOne, not only do you get a best-in-class solution, you get the support and insight of our team of experts to help you take advantage of the full capabilities of our technology.

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