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Alerts and Notifications

Keep utility end users informed with leak or overuse alerts, My Use notifications, and Bill Forecast notifications.
  • Alerts and notifications keep utility end users informed by letting them opt in or out of alerts and notifications about leaks, overuse, bill forecasts, and more.
  • An advanced leak alert algorithm detects and notifies customers about potential leaks in their homes and helps them identify the source.
  • My Use notifications alert customers if their water consumption is higher than normal, helping them avoid unexpected costs.
  • Bill Forecast notifications inform customers if they are likely to see high water usage on their upcoming bill before the end of the billing cycle.
  • Customers can receive alerts and notifications by email, text message, or phone call.
  • Alerts and notifications are available regardless of water meter type.

The WaterSmart Advantage

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Customer Portal

Our online customer portal allows customers to monitor water usage and gives them a suite of self-service solutions and other offerings, including:

  • The ability to resolve leaks, sign up for paperless billing, submit forms, and view targeted messages about local events and programs.
  • A Bill Explainer that helps them identify and resolve concerns over high bills.
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments that let them view and pay bills online.
  • Interactive money- and water-saving tips customized for each meter-class profile.
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Utility Analytics Dashboard

Gain insightful analytics, reporting, and customer management tools to better meet your customer needs, including:

  • A Group Messenger module to create customized outreach campaigns.
  • Custom lists for additional water-use analysis or messaging to different customer segments.
  • Digital forms to gather valuable customer information.
  • Program performance reporting.
  • Customer segmentation and geospatial analytics.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and rebate program participation metrics to help water utilities better serve their communities.


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Online Portal
Easy-to-use online portal lets customers access their information, empowering them to make better decisions.
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Analytics and Insights
Insightful reporting and customer management tools help water utilities meet the needs of the community.
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Alerts and Notifications
My Use notifications alert customers if water consumption is higher than normal, avoiding surprise costs.
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E-Billing and Payments
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments allows customers to view and pay bills online.
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CRM Capabilities
Customer relationship management (CRM) makes life easier by tracking rebate program participation.

"Prior to WaterSmart, I had to go through
our entire list of meters every single month and try to identify leaks myself.
Now, we are able to do it all online,
saving me time and stress."

Richard Ames — Town of Natick, MA

WaterSmart Customer Engagement FAQs

What are utility analytics?  

Utility analytics for water, electricity, and natural gas suppliers include data algorithms surrounding actionable insights, bill and rate modeling, predictive maintenance, customer segmentation, revenue impacts, load forecasting, monthly usage, leak detection, and more.

How does WaterSmart™ differ from similar products available on the market?  

The WaterSmart customer engagement and data analytics platform:

  • Provides an advanced closed-loop leak detection algorithm that detects and notifies customers about potential leaks and offers self-service resolution tips.
  • Alerts customers with My Use and Unplanned Use notifications when their water consumption is higher than usual.
  • Uses Bill Forecast notifications to inform customers if they are likely to have high water use on their next bill.
  • Allows customers to receive notifications through email, text, or voice messages.
  • Provides alerts and notifications regardless of meter type (i.e., AMI, AMR, or manual read).

What are the main features of WaterSmart™?  

The WaterSmart Utility Dashboard allows you to:

  • Aggregate hundreds of insights across your entire customer base for a macro view of consumption.
  • Send targeted and timely communications to customers using a group messaging system.
  • Resolve issues with customers quickly and find solutions related to water consumption.

What is end-user utility software?  

End-user utility software is built with the end user's preferences and needs in mind, proven to encourage positive behavior changes, improve satisfaction, and reduce call volume.

What is a customer engagement platform?  

A customer engagement platform refers to software accessible from any internet-connected device that helps utilities improve customer relationships through self-service capabilities like bill notifications, account maintenance, and advanced communication methods.