Vertex One Cloud ERP provides the data and transparency utilities need to make regulators, shareholders and customers happy.

Your utility is under more scrutiny than ever from regulators, shareholders and customers who demand to see how effectively you’re running your operations. VertexOne Cloud ERP provides the transparency you need to prove your utility is operating as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

With Cloud ERP, you can make better strategic decisions, prepare defensible reports to justify a rate change, and automate processes to maximize your efficiency. It provides a clear line of sight to your utility’s business performance to the regulators who control your ability to set rates, the shareholders who influence investment funds, and to your customers whose happiness means everything.

VertexOne Cloud ERP is built on a Tier-1 platform using state-of-the-art SAP® S/4HANA digital technology. It integrates seamlessly with VertexOne Cloud CIS and Cloud EAM systems. And because it’s hosted and managed in the cloud, you won’t have to reallocate staff or struggle to integrate new technology into your existing systems.


VertexOne Cloud ERP makes it easy for your utility to:

  • Reduce risk with a proven implementation methodology.
  • Run a Tier-1 system deployed on industry-leading SAP® S/4HANA digital technology
  • Seamlessly share information between VertexOne Cloud CIS and Cloud EAM systems
  • Efficiently prepare accurate, auditable reports with the integrated SAP Regulatory Reporting Module
  • Use real-time reporting and analytics to bring transparency to your critical business operations
  • Get regular technology upgrades included in your predictable monthly fee
  • Access a dedicated support team with decades of utility industry experience


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