VertexOne Cloud CIS. Take customer experience to new heights, and far into the future.

How can you be sure your new utility CIS software will continue to meet your changing needs? VertexOne was designed to deliver the scalability and flexibility you need to face customer service challenges of today and tomorrow with confidence. By partnering with you every step of the way - from implementation to go-live and beyond - and providing regular platform upgrades, we’ll make sure your utility CIS is always up-to-date and meets your evolving needs.

Built on the market-leading SAP Customer Relationship Management & Billing solution, VertexOne Cloud CIS easily integrates with complementary 3rd party solutions, and incorporates business processes that have been proven with over 30 million utility end customers throughout North America.

Our utility CIS platform is multi-jurisdictional, supports multiple services, enables AMI integration, flexible billing and more. VertexOne’s utility technology experts will host and manage your CIS in the cloud, giving you a predictable IT budget, and the freedom to step back from day-to-day technology operations and focus on managing your future customer operations.

Cloud CIS

The benefits of migrating to VertexOne outweigh the cost and complexity of conventional choices.

  • Avoid Risk: VertexOne’s implementation methodology enables you to begin testing real customer data and business processes from Day 1, helping you avoid the risk and uncertainty associated with traditional CIS implementations.
  • New Technology: VertexOne leverages new technologies so it’s easier to meet customer and stakeholder expectations.
  • Flexibility: VertexOne lets you easily add the innovative capabilities you need when you need them. And with core platform upgrades provided twice a year, you’ll always be up to date.
  • Agility: VertexOne helps you respond quickly to growing customer numbers, transaction volumes and acquisitions.
  • Predictability: VertexOne ensures you know exactly how much your CIS will cost you every month, with guaranteed service levels that ensure your peace of mind.
  • Insight: VertexOne optimizes business processes with a suite of operational and advanced analytics.
  • Cost: VertexOne reduces the cost and time to value versus a conventional implementation.

Interested in lowering your costs and risk, but not yet ready for the cloud?

VertexOne Cloud CIS can also be deployed on-premise. You’ll get the modern capabilities you want now, and when the time is right to move to the cloud, it will be easier to take the next step.

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