The Opportunity 

This Florida utility needed a new CIS because their current system was outdated, inefficient and unsophisticated. 

The committee tasked with finding a new CIS knew that it was time to identify not just software stout enough to help the utility manage its 130,000 customers but also a partner to implement, host and manage that software. A hosting partner would provide better security than the utility could provide on its own, plus allow the utility to work with experts with levels of experience and knowledge better than it could get by hiring locally. 

The software that the utility chose was SAP, the industry’s leading CIS technology. The partner chosen to implement, host and manage it was VertexOne, a company with experience hosting and managing utility CIS technology since 1996. 

The VertexOne Approach

Above everything else, the top two benefits the utility got by choosing to partner with SAP and Vertex were confidence and time. It got the most sophisticated CIS software available, but it doesn’t have to manage it on its own. That means the utility is able to focus on its most important job: serving its customers.

With SAP and VertexOne on its side, the business now has the ability to more easily collect on delinquent payments, automated processes for running standard reports that now take hours instead of days, and reading adjustments that can be reflected in the system in a single day instead of five.

The Results: Better Customer Focus

Partnering with SAP and VertexOne has given the utility the experts needed to keep powerful, sophisticated software up to date. It’s provided a current customer experience platform without requiring the purchase of expensive equipment. It’s given the utility a predictable cost of ownership since the technology is managed and updated regularly as part of the service agreement.


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