EPCOR Customer Advantage Case Study

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Utility Overview

EPCOR USA is one of the largest private utilities in the U.S. Southwest. It provides water, wastewater, and distribution services to over 665,000 customers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. A subsidiary of EPCOR Utilities, it’s part of an energy services network serving more than 1.6 million customers in the U.S. and Canada.


The Challenge

EPCOR USA’s vision was to focus its resources on high-quality customer interactions related to resolving tough issues like water quality and conservation. However, its support staff had to spend the majority of its time fielding customer calls about high bills and other routine complaints.

• To free up staff time for improved customer engagement, EPCOR needed to provide more self-service options to its customers.
• In addition, as EPCOR USA’s customer base continued to grow, the utility faced another challenge: improving customer satisfaction levels without increasing its current staffing levels.
• Finally, it wanted to provide convenient remote account access to its “snowbird” customers—the 20% of its Southwest client base that live in the region only part of the year.

The Solution

EPCOR USA selected, implemented, and deployed VertexOne’s Customer Advantage™ for its water and wastewater customers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. VertexOne Customer Advantage is a fully hosted and managed solution that’s both scalable and secure and provided EPCOR these self-service benefits.


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Case Study

“Customer Advantage provides a flexibility in the system that our customers wanted. They’re now able to adjust when we read their meters, and they can pick a billing date that fits their schedule. That’s allowed us to listen to our customers and respond to their needs."

- Sarah Skaggs, Director of Customer Care