Bullhead City: Optimizing Billing Processes and Ensuring Community Trust while Transferring Ownership of Utility Services

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Utility Overview

Bullhead City is located on the Colorado River in Mohave County, Arizona, United States. Boasting more than 300 sunny days a year, Bullhead City has also been referred to as Arizona’s West Coast because the City is located on the east bank of the Colorado River near the juncture of Arizona, California and Nevada. Following a $130 million bond approval, Bullhead City took over water and wastewater services for 21,000+ customers.

Bullhead City turned to VertexOne for a suite of modern solutions allowing the City to bring their operational systems up-to-date and increase customer satisfaction while minimizing service interruptions. 


The Challenge

Utilities require their Customer Information System (CIS) to power a reliable meter-to-cash process in an adaptive, user-centric setup. Given the City's unique situation, selecting a CIS with a frictionless transition for customers and minimally burdensome evolution for City staff was critical. Prior to the transition, staff had already identified a weakness of their system, with users no longer able to make payments via a login-free platform. This presented an opportunity to the City to improve the power of their CIS. 

Preparing, printing, and shipping bills in-house wastes significant time that could be spent elsewhere. The City operates on a 5-cycle, monthly cadence; requiring one City employee to be 'out-of-office' one-to-two days each week to operate the bill printing and stuffing machines. Consistently operating at reduced staffing levels amplifies the strain of handling inbound customer calls, the primary focus of City customer service staff. The City also faced limitations for outbound messaging, only allowed one promotional announcement to be printed on the back of each bill.

Any time a utility updates their systems they must abide by a strict timeline. Given their unique legal proceeding, the City was operating with clear deadlines. Because of these pre-set timelines, the City needed to make software and technology solution decisions quickly and efficiently in order to assure there was zero pause in service.


The Solutions

Following extensive review, the City chose to partner with VertexOne and implement several solutions including:

  • VertexOne CIS Essentials™ to modernize their meter-to-cash process offering an efficient interface for City staff
  • VertexOne Customer Advantage™ which gives secure online self-service end-user options
  • VertexOne Communication Advantage™ to manage content creation and customer communication through a multi-channel approach
  • VertexOne Document Advantage™ to save, view, and print important customer-related documents
  • VertexOne WaterSmart™ for automated data analytics and water usage insights
  • VertexOne Field Work™ to optimize field service teams and improve collaboration with customer service and customers
  • VertexOne Bill Print + Payment™ which serves as a single platform for bill processing and alleviates the City of all burden


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Case Study

“My advice to other utilities is to work with a company that is as forward thinking as possible. We now have the support of people with years of proven performance, which we can tap into to minimize concerns and move forward with confidence.”


- Robert Drexler, Financial Administrator

Bullhead City, AZ