As technology continues to grow and adapt, so do accompanying trends. Machine learning is a rapidly evolving technology discipline that is carving a space in the utility landscape. A branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning enables utility providers to teach computer systems to learn in order to improve how customers interact with their offerings.

Three main improvements in utilities led to the proliferation of machine learning. These are the Big Data revolution and the subsequent Big Data explosion, the increase in computational capacity, and the ongoing refinement of intelligent algorithms. When these are combined, productivity increases considerably.

We know that utilities accumulate innumerable pieces of data throughout the customer lifecycle, and the amount grew exponentially following the Big Data Revolution. Machine learning allows providers to examine and take advantage of different forms of data, be it operational, from smart meters, or historical, to craft future-focused recommendations for customers.

At Vertex, we live and breathe data. Whether in the form of payment analytics or developing enrollment models, we are proud to deploy intelligent machine learning solutions for our customers. If you are curious to see how we put machine learning into action for three of our prominent utility clients, watch the video below from Chirag Shah, Vertex’s Director of Analytics & Consulting.



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