Phoenix, AZ—January 6, 2015—Vertex announced today a successful upgrade of EPCOR Water (USA) Inc.’s (EPCOR USA) customer service systems and processes, leveraging new VertexOne™ technology, to drive notable improvements in customer experience.

New solutions include a browser-based CIS application, an enhanced web-based customer self-service portal, and an easy-to-use telephony system designed based upon thousands of hours of real-life usability studies. 

The new technology shifts the burden from the user to the system with streamlined, guided processes, along with robust safeguards for accurate data input. Reduced training time, faster call handling, increased user and customer satisfaction, and more accurate customer data all add up to operational savings and lower costs for today’s utility. The enhanced customer portal offers additional self-service options including multiple payment channels and the ability to sign up for EPCOR USA services, like electronic and paperless billing, start service and the ability to update account information.

“One of EPCOR’s objectives is to enhance our customers’ experience through the use of technology,” said Jane French, Director of Customer Operations at EPCOR USA. “These technology updates will help us make significant improvements in our customer service delivery. The scalable architecture supports our growth and acquisition strategy, giving EPCOR the flexibility to grow.”

“At the heart of our 10-year partnership with EPCOR USA is the relentless pursuit of enhanced customer experience,” said Andrew Jornod, President of Vertex Business Services. “Vertex is able to deliver the kind of customer experience EPCOR USA wanted through the proven processes and technology available in the VertexOne platform.  Through a combination of CIS, telephony, and the underlying processes, EPCOR USA will be able to streamline its internal operations, improve revenue management, and deliver a better customer experience.”  


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