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Written by: Andrew Jornod

Andrew Jornod, CEO of Vertex, speaks about how industry and technology change is happening today faster than ever.  Millennials are driving technology must-haves in the customer service space like multi-channel communications and faster adoption across all consumers.  How can Utilities keep up with the change?




Andrew Jornod
Andrew is Vertex's CEO. With over 15 years of experience in the utilities industry, he is responsible for leading the company’s go-to-market strategy. Prior to joining Vertex, Andrew directed the global energy and utilities business unit at HCL AXON. He was instrumental in helping HCL AXON become the fastest growing, and one of the largest utilities service providers, offering services around management consulting, infrastructure management, application management, systems integration with Oracle and SAP, custom application development and customer service BPO operations. Before HCL AXON, Andrew was a Vice President within Oracle’s Utilities Global Business Unit, with responsibilities that included product management and development, and sales and marketing. In addition, he held key roles at Indus (now Ventyx), British Telecom, Control Data Systems and Microsoft.

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