The beauty of Vertex solutions is that we are constantly finding new ways that improve how customers interact with their utility providers. This goal informs each application in the VertexOne solution suite, most notably our Customer Advantage product.

Customer Advantage is the VertexOne web and mobile self-service portal that we host and manage and make available for our customers to procure. Utilities can quickly implement this powerful self-service application, allowing them to fine-tune their communication channels and examine the volume of every type of customer interaction. This can be implemented with the understanding that the VertexOne support team is available to address any issue they might encounter.

We’ve seen significant success implementing this within our current customer ecosystem. It has given utility customers to have different options in how they choose to interact with their utility for critical services like bill payment, outage communication and more. We feel that this illustrates how the future of utility customer interaction will continue to evolve.

Most customers today don’t want to spend time on the phone with their utility, when they could instead have just as productive a conversation through online channels, right at their fingertips. They prefer the ability to "set it and forget" for preferences like auto-payments and to utilize the features of Customer Advantage to set up how they receive communications from the utility. These self-service behaviors are consistent with how customer preferences are changing and evolving.

Watch our video to better understand how our Customer Advantage solution helps utilities redefine the future of customer interaction.