When considering and selecting a new CIS, utilities undergo an extremely thorough process of assessing their needs, preparing an RFP, scrutinizing vendors and meeting internally with various stakeholders. Finally, after weeks, months or even years, a decision is made.

This decision is made with an eye toward the future, but how far ahead should a utility look? With the average lifespan of a CIS being 15 to 20 years, utilities must select a CIS that will not just address what’s around the corner, but can also adapt to industry changes that are miles and miles ahead.

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Choosing a CIS to handle a rapidly changing industry landscape

The last time most utilities purchased a new CIS, the system was most likely required to do little more than simple billing based on a monthly meter read.

But change is constant, especially with technology. Today’s CIS must handle much more than before, including:

  • Interval meter reads and complex rates, often across multiple jurisdictions and types of service
  • Supporting customer engagement on multiple channels
  • Assisting in selling customers on energy efficiency
  • Integration with other technologies, like advanced metering infrastructure

And these are only the things we know about today. With the unprecedented rate of change experienced in our industry, as well as with technology, utilities need a flexible and scalable CIS to not only handle this year and next year, but also 15 years ahead.


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