2020 heralds the start of a new decade with plenty of potential for orchestrating and delivering successes for our customers. The best way to ensure that we continue delivering premium technology solutions for utilities is to have a solid team of leaders. VertexOne is fortunate to have talented, determined industry leaders to guide and drive our organization. And the latest of these to join the VertexOne leadership team is senior vice president of sales and business development, Ed Solar.

We sat down with Ed to learn a little about his vision for the company, his passion for the industry, as well as some fun facts.

What are some of your goals for working at VertexOne?

ED: Selling and servicing has to be a team sport. So my goal is to take VertexOne’s awesome culture of service to the next level, building an environment where sales, operations, finance, marketing, and HR are all working together to exceed our annual revenue goals, booking goals, and the expectations of our investors and customers.

Why did you want to work for VertexOne?

ED: There were several aspects of the company and business that attracted me to join the team.

First, I was attracted to the leadership and the quality of people that are on it. From our very first meeting, I felt a real natural connection with everyone I spoke with. I felt the same way when I met with DFW Capital Partners, our new ownership. They are a sincere, active investor looking for the best possible growth path for the company.

Next, I believe that there is no more important function for a utility than to serve their customers. I could see that VertexOne’s technologies and solutions enable utilities to do that better than just about anyone else in the industry.

Finally, VertexOne has strong brand awareness in the marketplace. It is interesting to see how our long-standing, traditional business model is now the model for the rest of the industry. Additionally, it’s fascinating to see how other providers apply this model compared to VertexOne’s early start in this area.

Why do you like about working in the utilities industry?

ED: To start, a challenging part of working with utilities is that they can take a long time making technology decisions, and for very good reasons. However, we are lucky that we get to work with people who are extremely smart, understand the business well, and seek to do the best thing for their business through transformative change. When you partner with these customers, you have customers for life. When we achieve this, we not only succeed in the short term, but also together in the long term.

What message would you like to promote about VertexOne?

ED: I want to make sure our prospects know we’ve demonstrated our ability to execute in very demanding environments for many years and across many verticals. Our customer retention is proof positive that we provide a valuable service to our customers which they rely on and respect us for consistently delivering.

What technology topics are you passionate about and interested in having a voice on?

ED: I am interested how the smart grid is becoming more edge-enabled and more distributed, much like the utilities and end customers that use this technology. Utilities and their customers are being empowered through this technology in many different ways, and we want VertexOne to be on the forefront of this evolution.

What are some fun facts about you?

ED: For one thing, I love to ski and fish, but I can only claim to be an amateur in both. I also enjoy outdoor activities and coaching lacrosse. I attended school at the Naval Academy and was a former Naval aviator. Finally, I love to spend time with family and friends.

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