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The Surprising Hidden Costs of Water Leaks

June 5, 2017
| By Jeff Lipton

Every customer interaction with their water utility is an opportunity to increase trust and build support. For example, if the utility identifies a probable leak in a customer’s home and then helps them find and fix it, they have earned some serious goodwill with that customer. In fact, insurance payments for water damage average nearly $7,000 per household each year and are the second largest home insurance claim annually. Utilities should think about all the times a customer might interact with them, and come up with ways to improve those customer experiences. For example, if a customer calls in with a high bill complaint, the Utility can suggest ways to save. Or, while billing is top of mind, the utility might want to follow up to nudge the customer into enrolling in autopay or paperless billing. Utilities shouldn’t hesitate to candidly share information, even bad news. This communication is appreciated by customers and has been

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