Mark Carde

Chief Information Officer

Mark is responsible for overseeing the IT infrastructure, information security, and works with General Counsel on risk and compliance functions.  Mark has over 33 years of experience in Information Systems Management with over 16 years in the Utility Industry.  Prior to Vertex, Mark worked within the telecommunications industry working with Communication Commissions around the world including China, Japan, India, Poland, Bulgaria and several other countries.  He provided homologation testing against regulatory requirements and negotiating acceptance of systems into the countries telecommunications network.  Since 2005 Mark has lead the implementation of PCI Data Security Standards and the information security program across Vertex.  Mark has a depth of experience in Control Objectives for IT, Information Security (PCI/NIST/ISO), and Risk Management for IT functions in the energy and utilities industry.  After successfully leading the IT Organization through several transformational initiatives, Mark assumed the role of Chief Information Officer overseeing IT infrastructure operations. Additionally, Mark will be serving as a director of VertexOne India.

Andrew Jornod

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Foerster

Chief Financial Officer

Todd Buchardt

Executive Vice President; General Counsel

Elizabeth Reed

Chief HR Officer

Peter Hazlewood

Executive Vice President of Delivery for Enlogix/Banner CIS, eCIS and Web/Mobile