Andre Van Honschooten

Executive Vice President of VertexOne Delivery

Andre is the Executive Vice President of VertexOne Delivery.  Andre has 18 years of experience implementing, supporting and enhancing CIS solutions for Utilities.  Andre is an original architect of VertexOne and leads teams that continually question traditional implementation and support approaches to deliver a low risk, high value service for utilities.

Andre has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) and an MBA from the University of Washington. 

Andrew Jornod

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Buchardt

Executive Vice President; General Counsel

Elizabeth Reed

Vice President, Human Resources

Brad Almond

Chief Financial Officer; Senior Vice President, Corporate Services

Mark Carde

Chief Information Officer

Shannon Glen

Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategy

Peter Hazlewood

Executive Vice President of Delivery for Enlogix/Banner CIS, eCIS and Web/Mobile